About Aleia

You’re a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur. And maybe you’d call yourself a side hustler. While you’re at your day job, you find yourself staring out the cubicle window, daydreaming about growing your business and creating something truly amazing that’s all your own. You’ve got huge goals, but little time. And your website keeps falling by the wayside. In your spare time, you're struggling to create a website that truly reflects you and all you can do. I can help with that. I’m Aleia, Freelance Frontend Developer + Full-time Side Hustler. You read that right: I’m a full-time freelancer with the heart of a side hustler. I’ve never forgotten the kind of focus it takes to juggle two jobs and navigate yourself through a new career. Now my passion is building websites for multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs looking to transition from their side hustle to their new full-time career so they can start living their dreams. Your website is your storefront, waiting room, business card, a brochure, and a catalog, all in one. It’s your customers’ very first impression of you, and THE most important marketing tool you’ve got in today’s world. A polished, engaging professional website customized for your ideal customers just isn’t optional anymore. It’s important to invest in your website from the very beginning. But I’m here to make it easy, fun, and inspiring—because a multitasking creative like you does not need more stressful items on your to-do list. I am a self-taught developer with degrees in Creative Writing and International Studies. But when I graduated, I saw the writing on the wall—that online business would soon take center stage—and so I pursued tech after college. I perfected all my tech skills on Skillcrush, where I now spend half of my day helping others transform their careers into tech. And did I mention I also have a t-shirt line inspired by my love of fitness? Yep, I’ll always be a proud multi-passionate entrepreneur. FUN FACTS: As a child, I spent 10 years as a ballerina and now always walk with my feet turned out. I have an obsession with sticky notes. I got hired at Skillcrush via relationships established on Twitter. Now I’d love to learn more about you and your business so we can start building the website that launches your new career.